Appendix R – 2016



Ratification brochure November 2016




Health Care Booklet 2016 – Inquiries previously made to Ford St. Thomas salaried personnel concerning pensions, change of address, banking information, change of beneficiary, etc. must now be directed to Ford Oakville personnel at

Benefits Office in Oakville, 1-905-845-2511 extension numbers 1170 or 1127





Green Shield  – 1-888-711-1119



Unifor Legal Services – 519-681-7730 or Toll Free 1-800-268-7573


Travelling to Cuba?

Green Shield Canada is pleased to inform that our emergency out-of-country coverage is administered by Mondial Assistance, a provider which is recognized by the Republic of Cuba’s government.  If a plan member has active emergency out-of-country coverage through Green Shield Canada, they will not have to purchase any additional coverage.  However, they will need to provide documentation to prove their coverage.

When travelling to Cuba, plan member with emergency out-of-country travel benefits should carry with them:

1. Provincial Health Card

2. Proof of Insurance – Green Shield Canada ID Card is all that is needed

3. Proof of a contractual relationship with a recognized provider

These documents are sufficient to allow Green Shield Canada plan members into Cuba without the need of additional insurance.