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Retired from the job not the fight

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The mission of the Unifor 1520 retired workers

Welcome Sisters and Brothers. The closure of Ford St. Thomas and the subsequent demise of Local 1520 make it more important than ever that as a Stand Alone Retired Workers Chapter we remain active and united to properly represent our members, our spouses, and our surviving spouses. Our ability to continue to have our collective voice heard in an effort to protect and build on what we already enjoy depends on the full and continued support of each and every chapter member.


As Retired auto workers we are proud to be members and in total support of a union who provide a structure allowing us the opportunity to remain active both within our union and beyond during our retirement years.


For the benefit of our Members we have added an updated list of publicly funded physiotherapists in the south west Ontario area. You can find…

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If you are aware of an illness, injury, or bereavement involving a Chapter member, please help us send an appropriate card by calling Kathy Lumley…

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Our Chapter meetings have moved to Wednesday afternoon’s!! Upcoming Chapter meeting will be Wednesday, June 19th at 2:00 pm. There will be “No Potluck Luncheons”…

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